To Find: Firewood in Los Angeles

This is an interesting to-do list, which I’m just learning about as an estate manager for high net worth people around the world.

My most recent challenge was to find a firewood supplier in the Los Angeles area. If you are familiar with the weather in Los Angeles, you’ll understand that this is an interesting problem, because it is consistently in the 70s and 80s all year in L.A., so why would a person need firewood?

The answer is: some people like to have a fire going when it is 75 degrees outside and their air conditioning is on. It is kind of crazy, but people like what they like! People in LA also especially like a fire when it gets “cold” at night, which is when it gets to the 50s and 60s of course.   Ha!

Anyhow, I finally found a great place to buy firewood in LA: Southbay Firewood. They stock a bunch of different kinds of wood, and the variety is nice. They also deliver, which is amazing.   I got this reference from a friend who owns a restaurant, because they also supply restaurants with firewood (who knew?).

Stuff I Like

Skincare (or really, how to get good skin) is a topic that never gets old for me, mostly because keeping my acne under control is a constantly ongoing battle. I’m always looking for new insights when it comes to cystic acne treatments, with special emphasis on home remedies and writers that test absolutely everything. That’s reasonable, right?   I really likethis site right now for advice on all things acne.

Here is a recent article on tips for clear skin from Elle Magazine, where they gather up a bunch of experts and have them weigh in on acne remedies:   I actually like for skincare advice, surprisingly.  You’d think they wouldn’t be that into “real talk about skincare” since they are mostly a fashion publication, but I like how in detail they go about different products.

I found a great video on Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss, so I thought I would share that here.  That’s definitely something I’m trying, for weight loss and general skincare/ health.   They have a good video on how to market a book as well.

I also like this collection of sites, which I happened upon the other day.

Oh!  One other person I really like is Elaine Mokk.  She’s great to watch on YouTube, and she used to have REALLY bad cystic acne, so she knows a ton about scars, makeup, and general how-tos when it comes to severe acne.  I actually have bought several products on her recommendation.

Here’s a video I like about derma-rolling, which is supposed to be really good for “ice pick” acne scars (the pitted kind, not just the spots):

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